So Um I didn’t make that grim human Pinkamena blog…Nope! I made a nice and happy Cupcake blog! (the pony) So go check it out! It’s AskCupcake-Non-g3

<3 I luvs it.

I have had enough of this smooze bull crap. Please tell me you are not part of the cult....

*looms at floor. blinks then snaps out of the FiW thing* No I’m not. I’m so sorry! I just don’t know what came over me…

(Mod: Ha, about that Rarity! Sorry >w< I just love FiW)

Miss rarity , I'm officer henry with the ponyville police , and this is about sweetie belle , YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT BEING OK FOR SWEETIE BELLE TO BE IN THAT CULT!

You would have to have a word with our cult leader fluttershy about that. I can’t change her rules. (ask-cult-leader-fluttershy is who you are looking for.)

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Put an “UNF” in my ask and I’ll answer these (:



If you snuck in my room I would:

  • [] Go back to sleep
  • [] Let you have the bed
  • [] Share the bed
  • [] Kick you out
  • [] Cuddle with you
  • [] Be like wtf?
  • [] Let you sleepover 
  • [] Beat your ass
  • If you kissed me I would:
  • [] Kiss you back
  • [] Smile & laugh
  • [] Be shocked
  • [] Slap you
  • You are:
  • [] Cute
  • [] Adorable
  • [] Pretty
  • [] Beautiful
  • [] Okay
  • [] Sexy
  • [] Hotass Motherfucker
  • [] Ew
  • I Would:
  • [] Smash
  • [] Pass

*Ahem* Yesh Preash….

MOD: LOL This was fun!


((Did this last night. It was fun. Doing it again. BRING IT ON))

:D I wanna try this….<3


Sorry about my delay darlings! But I am back.

MOD: >w< I was on Gypsy so much and was working on my human Pinkamena I forgot about this account….I suck. :D

You are the first and probably one of the only ponies to follow me. Thank you so much!

Your welcome darling! <3

Hehe, of course. I kinda figured that. *he smiled as he hugged you* Hopefully you dont over work yourself. Im nearlly done with my job....I wonder if Its ok for me to come over for a visit?

Why of course it is darling! :D